Tuesday, August 10, 2010

American Appeals

Article by Andrea Krystine

Since the debut of their 100% USDA certified organic cotton "Sustainable Edition", American Apparel has been working on gradually integrating organic fibers into their main production lines. As a company that strives to find a balance between capitalist success and environmental/social success, American Apparel is actively seeking innovative ways to reduce negative impacts on cotton cultivation. Doing such might just strengthen their dedication towards social awareness.

In edition to their support of the improvement of conventional agricultural methods, AA contributes to the green fashion movement with recycled vintage offerings via California Select- a supplement to their retail stores that offers handmade/reconstructed pieces made from vintage materials

Images from American Apparel website


PS: as if you didn't recognize beautiful Lani (in pics above), who modeled in our 2009 Ecologique Photo Shoot ;)

Photo by Sandifer Photography

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