The Writers

Andrea Krystine

In an effort to find her place in this big, confusing world, Andrea set forth on an adventure in search of a positive contribution that would utilize her studies in business, independent ventures within the arts, and her passion for fashion and the environment. She began modeling in 2007 and fell in love with fashion photography and the independent designers with whom she collaborated with. After getting her feet wet with runway shows and various indie designer photo shoots, AK reached out to a network of artists in order to contribute her artistic expressions through art direction and styling. Upon familiarity with the harshness of the industry, her distaste with fast fashion, and the desire to educate consumers about sustainable fashion, she coordinated the first ethical fashion event in San Diego, CA -- Ecologique: Fashion for a Green Future

Andrea has been featured for her eco-efforts in such publications as Footprint Magazine, Disfunkshion Magazine, and VenusZine

photo by Chaz Cruz

"It's about our existence- reverting from so much waste and consumption by utilizing the leftovers and making our world a better place despite the distress. Instead of trending towards selfishness, we need to unify- take better care of our environment, the people within our communities, and learn about more harmonious ways to consume and create for the future." 

For submissions or other Ecologique Fashion inquiries, Andrea Krystine can be reached via email: andrea[at]

Camilla Doig Lorentzen

Camilla went to London via Norway 5 years ago with the aim of becoming a fashion designer. Sustainability and looking after our planet has always been close to her heart. Because of this, designing with an awareness of the environment came very natural to her; from sourcing eco-cotton to re-using paper in her sketchbooks and portfolio. After 3 years at Central Saint Martins, and internships with Aluma Klein, Siv Støldal and Ahmanet Ali in Savile Row, Camilla reached a state of even higher awareness of how important it is to create with the future of our planet firmly set in our minds. 

"The fashion industry can be cruel and shallow, but I feel that this is where we can approach a lot of people in a reasonably short time, and make them aware of the importance of sustainability. I believe we are just seeing the beginning of a new movement, and that we are working towards something great!"

You can also find Camilla's musings on her personal blog: