Monday, May 24, 2010

I feel Priti

Summer is nearing and it's about time to get those tootsies in check-- but is there such a way to have pretty nails without exposing your body & the environment to yucky acetone [and other stinky chemicals] required for the traditional mani/pedi?

As I aspire to maintain my "girly-ness" while also contributing to a positive and green lifestyle, I did some research... (yes, I am also a nerd)

I came across a wonderful company that not only produces the most "eco-friendly" of "green" polishes, they also house their site on a web server that runs on solar power/wind energy!

Talk about legit!

This "legit" site humbly catalogs a plethora of beaut-ious PRITI polishes in addition to soy nail polish removers and other apothecaries.

And now for some HOT [legit] summer looks you should oh-so try:

Lovely Lavender Lady: Mother Maria SS2010 with PRITI "Prairie Blue Eyes"

Aqua Marine Baby: Satara SS2010 with PRITI "Bluestar"

Wipe Out White : Susan Woo blazer with PRITI "White Ballet Dahlia"

Retro Rouge: Mociun SS10 with PRITI "Red Riding Hood Tulip"

For more PRITIs, check out the collection by!

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