Saturday, November 13, 2010

Freedom & Fashion

Article by Andrea Krystine

Ecologique Fashion attended the second annual Freedom and Fashion event in Irvine earlier this month. It was a not-for-profit fashion show that advocated fair trade and ethical employment practices. The event was primarily concerned with sex trafficking and spread awareness about the subject throughout the evening. Several partners of Freedom and Fashion were in attendance, during both the trade show and runway portions of the event, sharing their goods.

The runway show began with an appearance by the bubbly Jeannie Mai of The Style Network wearing a gorgeous aqua-colored gown. Following Jeannie were appearances by musical artists Esna Yoon and Dr. E-- who herself was a survivor of sex trafficking. Allison Trowbridge of Not For Sale then spoke about modern slavery and shocked many with her valid statistics on human slave trade practices.

Among the designers that were featured in the runway show, ALL were partnering businesses that helped support Freedom and Fashion's goal of raising money to prevent sex trafficking. Kristinit, Anita Arze, and Falling Whistles (whistle necklaces designed to build awareness about the children subject to the war in Congo), and Tag Bag (hand bags made from recycled South African license plates) were a few of my personal favorites.

Miss Kim, Founder of Freedom and Fashion

The finale of the show presented the Freedom and Fashion 2011 collection, which consisted of dark and sultry pieces and lots and lots of RED- inspired by the freedom gained from those who were once victims of sex trafficking. Bonnie Kim, founder of Fashion and Freedom brought the evening to a close with her condolences and a speech encouraging others to support her cause in the effort to demolish the human slave trade phenomenon.

and here it is...

REFIX Magazine's first:  some footage from the 2011 Freedom and Fashion Show!


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