Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Beautiful Soul is Timeless

Article by Andrea Krystine

Harper's Bazaar may have warned us about staying away from kimono cuts and embracing “ravish ruffles" in their September issue, yet Beautiful Soul proves that this timeless classic is well.. timeless!

Beautiful Soul, known for their upcycled vintage kimono line, just released their latest --which we hope to view up close and personal at London Fashion Week Spring 2011! This ethically and environmentally aware luxury label, based in London’s Notting Hill, sources and recycles exquisite fabrics from around the globe.

Trained at London College of Fashion, founder Nicola Woods claims she's not "an eco warrior"- she "just cares".  Beautiful Soul was derived from the inspirational experiences Nicola attained while exercising her design talents for the South African charity, Tabeisa.

“Beautiful Soul is created through intricate and skillful pattern cutting, an intuitive use of colour and texture and a real desire to create pieces that capture beauty to the eye, to the mind and to the soul.” - Dilys Williams, Director for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion

Here's a sneak peak of Beautiful Soul's latest SS:11 collection, called "Believe"- just released! Inspired by the Grace Kelly exhibition and the wardrobe of Naomi Thompson, the new collection focuses on the 1950's feminine silhouette with a twist of the orient. 

Seems to me very un-kimono-like with a slight ode to Alice?

I simply adore it.

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