Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crews Attitude

Maroussia Rebecq, founder of Parisian fashion line Andrea Crews Collective, knows just how to upcycle unwanted garbs and make them into eccentric new art pieces. Her works have been seen on such artists as Santigold, Yelle, Olivia of The Do, and Metronomy.

The name, "Andrea Crews" signifies a masked person whose name might just belong to a man in Germany or a woman in Italy highlighting the fact that this 'collective' is made up of multiple facets and collaborations. Although indie at heart, Andrea Crews attracts some mainstream brands who have asked Rebecq to reinvent their stock in a co-branding approach such as Nike.

Andrea Crews includes a line of organic clothing in addition to recycled garment collections.

Seen below is her futuristic-tribalistic "Sisters of Mercy" collection.
All pieces in this collection are hand-made and include recycled vintage.

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