Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ecologique: DESIGNER LINE-UP 2009

These designers will be showing their sustainable, organic, and or recycled fashions on our 40-foot runway!


Meiling Chen- New York, NY

Meiling Chen was introduced to fashion at a very early age watching her father creating the latest contemporary styles. Her work explores the relationship between fashion, visual design and art. Her work is greatly influenced by her Taiwanese family tradition of smart tailoring, drawing freely from her professional training, and by her curiosity and love for people, nature, writing and the arts.

Meiling’s designs are free-spirited and adventurous and contribute to organic, green fashion as her designs are hand-dyed, organic fabrics coupled with waste-free eco couture. Meiling works on fashion and design products at Me Studio Inc in New York. She has been featured on the runway of New York Fashion Week in conjunction with the international design house, Ekovaruhuset. Her belief is that a person’s clothes represent their artistic means of personal expression. Her goal is to bring fun and creativity to people’s daily lives through sustainable work.

Mika Machida- New York, NY

New York based, Mike Machida wanted to change her way of seeing the urban human life and its impact on the environment. Her main focus is now to care for the environment, the planet and the environment as these are her inspirations for her line. She uses only the finest organic and sustainably made materials, including organic cotton, organic linen, hemp, and organic wool.

Mika strongly believes that it is our responsibility as members of this planet to be sustainable and tread lightly on the natural world we live in so that we all can enjoy the beauty of this planet and pass it on to the future generations.

Li Cari- Los Angeles, CA

At only 19, Jazmin Whitley showed at NY fashion week’s spring summer 2007, and continued to show 2008 and 2009 as the youngest designer to ever show in NY fashion week. Miss Whitley has designed her 8th collections and with amazing reviews of her Fall Winter 09 collection. Jazmin was asked to work on a project for MTV, a TV series that would follow her life. She agreed and started shooting for the new MTV show. Jazmin Whitley brings a passion and persistence to the world of couture fashion that is underscored by each of her garments, favoring such indulgent materials as silk, lace, and wool. Jazmin Whitley is meticulous about the quality of her garments. She prides herself in the intricate detail and regards herself as an artist who pushes the boundaries of conventional fashion precepts.


Unnurwear- Los Angeles, CA

Icelandic designer, Unnur Fridriksdottir, founded the company UNNURWEAR, in 2006. Her focus is making high quality handbags, accessories and clothing for fashion forward women all over the world. Her company contributes to sustainable fashion by not endangering any species. UNNURWEAR is about global consciousness of culture, nature and comfort.

Her specialty is using sea-leather in her handbags which includes farm grown Icelandic Salmon and farm grown African Perch. The sea-leather smells like regular leather, and the more it’s worn, the better it looks!

Pants to Poverty- San Diego, CA/ London, UK

What started off as a little group of people trying to make poverty, history has now turned into a full blown company selling pants across 16 countries through a network of ethical and independent shops. Zameen Organic is the world’s first farmer-owned marketing company for Fairtrade and organic cotton, which is the home of the cotton in their pants! Based in Hyderabad in India, Zameen Organic is co-owned by the tribal cotton farmers in the Vidarbha region.

They’re now working really closely with the best and most ethical suppliers we can find and they’ve got loads of amazing people and companies supporting them… they now even have employees to get all the jobs done! They’re not experimenting anymore; the preparation is over…it’s now time to truly blossom! Recently they have become a sexy underwear brand! The power now does lie in their pants!


Grammatique- San Diego, CA

San Diego based designer, Krystina Grammatica was born in Greece, and brought up in Brooklyn, New York. She embeds a little piece of her dynamic life in every piece she creates.

All of her designs are ‘one of a kind’ or limited run. Each garment or accessory, which may be recycled out of anything imaginable, is to be enjoyed as a piece of art and therefore cared for the same.

Tib Nelson Designs- San Diego, CA

San Diego based designer, Maresa Cogger, designs clothes for modern woman who loves color, texture, and a bit of street flair.

Her line, Tib Nelson Designs (TBD), incorporates unique and eccentric handmade pieces with reconstructed vintage. Much of her designs explore dramatic beauty and whimsical movement signifying her theatrical background.

Miss Delish Designs- San Diego, CA

San Diego based jewelry designer, Marisa Hurwitz, incorporates femininity with daring audacity to create bold, delicate jewelry that challenges the status quo.

She has set up shop on her dining room floor, creating her company, Miss Delish Designs. She draws inspiration from the awing beauty of nature, and almost anything and everything vintage.

Event Schedule


Vendor Show and Cocktail Social -THIN
Featuring: Pants to Poverty, Beaute Mineral, Destiny Boutique, Mythology Boutique, Salvation Sacks, Frock You Vintage, and Emily Grace Goodrich Designs


Silent Auction: 100% Proceeds Benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation


Runway Show -ONYX
Featuring: Meiling Chen, Mika Machida, Unnur, Grammatique, TND, Miss Delish, and Pants to Poverty

For more info on the show, or to participate, please email

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